Thursday, June 18, 2009

“Go, Tell Michelle” Contributor, Deborah Seals, Tells It to Ed Schultz on the “Ed Show”

On Saturday, June 13th, Ed Schultz, “star” of the Ed Show on MSNBC brought his program, town show style, to Buffalo, New York. Deborah Seals, a GTM contributor, attended the taping and stepped up to the mike to address the issue of health care reform. After the program, Deborah had an opportunity to talk to Ed. Copy of our book in hand, Deborah told Ed that CNN’s American Morning, CSPAN and NPR along with local and other national media had aired interviews about “Go, Tell Michelle”. She then asked him what about the Ed Show? Ed took the book and said he’d check it out (hopefully by that he meant that he'd read it). So, GTM Sisterhood Network, let’s give Deborah some support by contacting the Ed Show about “Go, Tell Michelle”. Ed can be reached at: the show’s producer:, 701-200-9134. Let’s flood the Ed Show with e-mails about “Go, Tell Michelle” and ask Ed to follow up on his “promise” to Debbie.

By the way, if you watch the Ed Show, the episode that Deborah was on aired on Monday, June 15th. Thanks Deborah, great job!

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  1. Hello, and Congratulations.
    I've just been reading your previous Blog Home (Left a comment there)

    I truly enjoyed listening to your Book even @ Busboys & Poets.

    Will be buying a copy of "Go, Tell Michelle."

    `x~William H. Balzac.