Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Book Review, Roy St. Clair

This book review was submitted to the Buffalo Challenger, a local African American newspaper here in Buffalo, New York.

"Go, Tell Michelle, is an extraordinary book of writings by women of African descent, to the First Lady of the United States. The power of the words in the letters and poems are unprecedented in American literature. You actually can feel and hear the writings, it is descriptive writing at the higher level.

The women who have contributed to this timeless piece of literature have traveled may world-wide roads and yet are a mirror image of Michelle Obama.

The First Lady is the reflection of all the sisters that wrote the poems and letters, because they are First Ladies in their families.

Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram and Dr. Barbara Nevergold of Buffalo, brain-stormed this brilliant historical idea to fruition. This collection of writings should be submitted to the Pulitzer Prize Committee for outstanding literary achievement for the year of 2009.

Go, Tell Michelle, should be in every American home library. Roy St. Clair." Submitted by Peggy Brooks-Bertram

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