Monday, September 14, 2009

The GTM Sisterhood Network Meets in Berkeley, California

It took one full day to get there and another full day to get back! But the two days we spent in the Bay area last week end were filled with fantastic experiences that were well worth the travel time.

We had the pleasure of meeting seven more contributors and had an extraordinary reading and signing at Rebecca’s Book Store on Adeline

Street in Berkeley. An over-flow audience came to hear Peggy, Barbara and GTM Sisterhood Network members, arabella grayson, Andrea Barnwell, Jacqueline Frazier, Attica Georges, LaRhonda Crosby-Johnson, Opal Adisa Palmer and Dera Williams. Andrea drove ten hours from her home in San Diego to join us and Jacqueline flew in from Los Angeles. It was truly an evening for camaraderie, lots of laughter and an opportunity to get to know the ladies of the GTM sisterhood, each of who shared their excitement about being included in the book.

Special thanks to Mary Ann Braithwaite, owner of Rebecca’s for opening up her store and embracing GTM. We want to express special appreciation to arabella, who set up this event, printed palm cards to advertise the book and to give to each author to autograph so that we could have commemorative book marks. She even arranged for the GTM to have dinner together after the book signing. We took lots of photographs and some video, so look for some video in the next few days.

(photo 1 -Jackie, arabella, Andrea, Opal, Attica, Dera and Mary Ann; photo 2 - LaRhonda and Dera)

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