Monday, March 14, 2011

Go, Tell Michelle: Letters to the First Lady

Go, Tell Michelle: Letters to the First Lady is opening in Baltimore this Friday, March 18, 2011. The play will be performed at the James Weldon Johnson Theater at Coppin State University. Cast members are Peggy Brooks-Bertram, Barbara Seals Nevergold and international storyteller Karima amin. We are thrilled. The ticket sales are going great and we wish you could all join us. We are fortunate that some of the contributors to the book will be there and that will be great. We also sent out a call to contributors to provide a video clip of a message that we could use to greet the audience with. Some responded and that should be fun. Further, we finally heard from the White House. While Ms. Obama could not "skype" a message to us, her scheduling staff reported that she sends us well wishes and hope that we continue our work for our community and the country. Lord knows we have done all we know to get a response, so we will take what we can get at this time. Anyway, we are all stoked for the performance and wish you could be with us. We will be sure to take some videos so that we can put them on line. Also, I had the most wonderful experience today. Joanne Gabbin, a contributor and I talked at length today and the longer we talked the more it became evident that we had grow up together around the corner from one another. Her Aunt Mae was my mother's best girlfriend in all the world and lived directly across the street from me! That was so exciting. She will be coming to the play and will bring her Aunt Mae with her. I just cannot wait to see her again. Anyhow, that is enough for now. Love, Peggy

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