Monday, May 10, 2010

And Now, A word from the West Coast

We recently received an e-mail from LaRhonda Crosby-Johnson and Dera Williams, who live in the Golden Gate area and who we met last year at our wonderful book signing at Rebecca's Books. LaRhonda writes of her and Dera's presentation on "Go, Tell Michelle" to a college class at Diablo Valley College. LaRhonda writes:

"Greetings Barbara and Peggy,

Just wanted to let you know that Dera and I represented the Bay Area GTM authors yesterday in an enjoyable reading and discussion with students at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Instructor, Carmen McNeil, had already assigned 5 readings from the book and the class was in the midst of listening to GTM on Stage when we entered. They will be following our discussion with a paper.

It was a mutual inspiration fest. Dera and I receiving as much as we shared. Students asked questions about racism, politics and what the Obama administration meant to us personally. What struck me most was how much they enjoyed the telling of the stories that talked about times/events before they were born.

It was exciting to see the young people inspired by the book and glad to have been a part of their first movement.

Our thanks again to Carmen for the invitation! and Continued success to you Queens.
Peace & Power, La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson CEO BARUTI Enterprises "

We also send thanks to Professor McNeil. Her students response to "Go,Tell Michelle" confirms our belief that this book is an appropriate and valuable text to evoke inquiry, critical thinking, self-reflection and appreciation of the African woman's experience.

We look forward to hearing from other professors who have used this text in their classes.

Photo: LaRhonda and Dera

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  1. LaRhonda this is your cousin Cathy! How are you? I just wanted to say hello and I love the pic you look so happy! My adress is 5240 Primrose Ave Indianapolis Indiana 46220 Please write so I can get your info so we can keep in touch !!! I love you! Tell Karen I said hello !