Monday, March 15, 2010

GTM – On the Road Celebrating Women’s History Month -2010 “Women on the Move: Activism, Revolution, Transformation”

This month we’ve had the pleasure of addressing several large groups of students, faculty and community members at Buffalo State College, Geneseo State College and Empire State College’s Women’s Studies Residency. We want to thank Dr. Jenn Hunt at Buffalo State College and Fatima Johnson at Geneseo State College for their invitations to speak late in February and earlier this month.

Also a very special thank you to Dr. MaryNell Morgan, Dr. Karen Garner and the planning committee at Empire State College for the invitation to share the messages of “Go, Tell Michelle” at the Women’s Studies Residency. On March 11th, we had the pleasure of being the keynote speakers for the Residency, which was sponsored by Empire State College in Saratoga, New York. Appropriately named, “Women on the Move: Activism, Revolution, Transformation”, this conference kicked off with our keynote address on “Go, Tell Michelle” and continued with a series of workshops on the theme. We spoke to a large diverse audience, including Empire State President Alan Davis and his wife; the Deans of the Northeast Center and the Center for Distance Learning, administrators, faculty, students and members of the Saratoga Springs and surrounding communities.

We were greeted by such a warm, enthusiastic group! And had a great time on Thursday night! A book signing that followed the presentation was a complete sell out. We met so many wonderful women and men and regret that we did not have time to talk to everyone at length. But one special gentleman that we met, along with his wife – Mr. & Mrs. William Hill- shared with us that he’d heard our interview with Michele Norris on NPR in January 2009. After listening to the interview, he said that he went out immediately and purchased numerous copies of the book for young women in his family. And he intended to share the book with others, via the book itself, Facebook and word of mouth, especially now that he’s had the chance to attend our lecture.

Thanks William; not only for your support of this work, but for understanding its significance and for making the trip to meet us and share your story. We look forward to meeting you and your lovely wife again in the near future.

Photos: Barbara and President Davis; Peggy and Mr. & Mrs. William Hill; Barbara, Peggy and MaryNell

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