Sunday, August 9, 2009

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More news from the NABJ Conference in Tampa, Florida.

This is a continuing note on the outstanding trip to the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Tampa, Florida. It was simply magical being among the top African American journalists in the country. The entire conference sparkled with wonderful personalities who were down to earth, pleasant and more than approachable. Some of the journalists we met included Suzanne Malveaux, White House Correspondent for CNN. She was a delight to talk with at the CNN Booth at the Convention.

Valerie Jarrett, Special Assistant to President Barack Obama was keynote speaker at the NABJ's Hall of Fame Luncheon.We were fortunate to be able to speak
with her about Go, Tell Michelle and to grab a quick photo. She indicated that she had seen the book and we presented her with her own copy!
Fantastic journalists were everywhere. We ran into Michele Norris and Gwen Ifill--Gwen is between Barbara and me and Michele is on the right side-- on the elevator between the fourth floor and the lobby. Michelle Norris identified us immediately as the editors of the Go, Tell Michelle book. She told Gwen Ifill about her experiences working with us to tape the NPR show, "All Things Considered" and urged Gwen to get the book and read it! She invited us to keep her posted on upcoming events associated with the book that she could consider as updates on the book. Gwen Ifilll was just her usual cool self. Naturally, we snapped a photo.

The excitement continued with other accomplished journalists including T.J. Holmes and others. (More photos to come.) Members, Associate Members of NABJ as well as major sponsors were equally as warm and hospitable. A sponsor that we spent some time with was Greg G. Cunningham, Group Manager, Marketing, Planning for Target. This was the first time that Target was a sponsor at the NABJ and it was a blast. In meeting him, he stated that he had not only heard about the book but that he had purchased a book for his wife. After a brief conversation, he indicated that he would like to partner with the Uncrowned Queens Institute to help market the book, possibly in Target stores. Naturally, we will be following up on this opportunity to partner with Target in the sale of Go, Tell Michelle.

We found out about the conference from Gwen Osborne, a woman that we met at the Book Expo in New York City a few months ago. Since that time, Gwen has served as a premier "networker." Not only did she inform us of the conference, she kept us abreast of all of the big "happenings" at the conference. She made sure that we were in the "right place" at the "right time" and talking to the "right people." It was such a pleasure sharing space and chatting with all of her contacts. Many kudos to Gwen. There is much more to write and photos to share and we will keep you posted.

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