Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Father Reads "Go, Tell Michelle" to his daughter

As noted, we have met some very dear and interesting people in our travels with "Go, Tell Michelle". Sometimes, as in the case with David Whetstone, we've been privileged to meet some individuals more than once. We first met David in Washington, D.C. in March at the People's Congregational United Church of Christ. At that time he told us how much he enjoyed our book and offered his assistance in promoting the book. We did contact David after we returned to Buffalo, but as life gets hectic we lost touch with him. So imagine our surprise and pleasure to run into David again at the NAACP Centennial Convention. He was there working on an article he's writing but when he saw we were in the Author's Pavilion he made time to come up to see us.

During our conversation David told us how he is reading "Go, Tell Michelle" to his young 11 year old daughter. Each night he reads two or three letters to her before she goes to bed. David explained that the letters have become, in a way, daily mediations that he shares with his child. What a special and novel way to share the messages in the letters with a child and what a special Dad David is to use this time with his daughter to teach her about Black women: our history, our aspirations, our spirituality, our bonds of sisterhood, our dreams for our children and ourselves, our esteem for the First Lady and much, much more.

We tried to capture David's story with a short video. You may have to turn up the sound on your computer as the quality of the video is low, but we wanted you to see this extraordinary African American man for yourselves.

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